Mobile Computing

Mobile computing─ A Definition :

  • The process of computation on a mobiledevice. In mobile computing, a set of distributed computing systems or service provider servers participate, connect, and synchronise through mobile communication protocols.
  • Mobile computing as a generic term describing ability to use the technology to wirelessly connect to and use centrally located information and/or application software through the application of small, portable, and wireless computing and communication devices. (Wikipedia)

Mobile computing :

  • Provides decentralized (distributed) computations on diversified devices, systems, and networks, which are mobile, synchronized, and interconnected via mobile communication standards and protocols.
  • Mobile device does not restrict itself to just one application, such as, voice communication.
  • Offers mobility with computing power.
  • Facilitates a large number of applications on a single device.

Mobile computing─ Hardware :

  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • PDA
  • Ultra mobile PC
  • Smart Phone
  • Etc

Mobile computing─ Operating System :

  • Symbian
  • Andoid
  • iOS
  • Palm OS
  • Windows
  • Bada

Mobile Computing problem in Indonesia :

• Bandwidth Limitation

Internet access in mobile device is slower than cables connections, using technologies such as GPRS, EDGE and 3G/HSDPA network that recently release. High-speed wireless LAN is not too expensive, but has a very limited range.

• Power supply

When an electric stopcontact or portable generator is not available, mobile computers must rely entirely on battery power. This means that the battery requires extra power consumption.

• Interruption Of Transmission

Many factors could cause signal interference in mobile computing such as weather, terrain and distance of the tool mobile computing with the transmitter signal closest point. Besides signal reception inside the tunnel, in some buildings and rural areas are often poor.

• User Interface

The screen and keyboard are likely to be small sometimes make it difficult to use. Alternate input methods like voice input or handwriting recognition requires training to use it.

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